From all of the graduating students we would like to thank all who attended last night's event and made it such a successful and fun evening. It turned out to be a fantastic night and we hope you all went home with something special to add to your jewellery collection. Congratulations to Emma Wood who was the lucky lady to take away the Wayne Guest sugar bowl. AND of course, a HUGE thank you to all who donated, it couldn't have happened without you all!!! See you again next year!!!

Nick Bastin

'Surfie Style' neckpiece
polyurethane resin, leather, wood

Katherine Bowman

ring - 
oxidised sterling silver, natural green sapphires

Roslyn Peric

earrings - 
teeth, kato clay, sterling silver

Aurelia Yeomans

pendant - 
copper, enamel, sterling silver

Nina Oikawa

earrings - 
sterling silver, resin

Nina Oikawa

ring - 
sterling silver, synthetic stone

Mark Edgoose

ring -
niobium, titanium

Allona Goren

Homage to Robert Owen - earrings
sterling silver, enamel paint

Pamela Chan

'deciduous' - earrings
sterling silver, fimo

Studio INgOT donation

Regine Schwarzer - ring
sterling silver, Chabazite in basalt, white sapphire

Lin Lin

perspex, sterling silver, synthetic cord

Bree Timmins

ring - 
sterling silver

Kirsten Haydon

'ice melts'  - earrings
enamel, reflector beads, copper, sterling silver

Bree Timmins

earrings - 
sterling silver

Fatima Grant

'Linear Galaxies' - earrings
sterling silver

Catrine Berlatier

synthetic raffia brooch
oxidised copper, sterling silver, stainless steel, monofilament

Ada Hodgson

Bellatrix - earrings
sterling silver, brass

Katrina Tyler

neckpiece - 
sterling silver, glass beads, silk cord

Nick Bastin

ring - 
sterling silver, polyurethane resin

Tassia Joannides

'Rubber links' - choker and earrings set
O-rings, sterling silver

Cecielia Gregory

'Leaning London' - earrings
sterling silver, perspex

Jasmina Krupic

'50cm of silver line in 60 minutes' - earrings
sterling silver, enamel paint

Sarah Jones

'pink' - earrings
paper, sterling silver

Danica Moorcroft

neckpiece - 
oxidised copper, sterling silver

Yazmin Hackett

brooch - 
sterling silver, resin, quartz, glitter, plastic, paint, stainless steel